Injection molding / extrusion

Injection molding / extrusion

In our familiar market segments, such as horticulture and the event industry, an increasing number of products are put to use that were fabricated through the extrusion of synthetic materials.

Because we develop and produce all our molds in-house, it is interesting to do business with VanDerEng. With our ability to produce both customer-specific prototypes as well as small and large productions, we will always ensure the right end-product for our clients.

The basis of the growing sales of a lot of injection molding equipment is the development of a universal mold that allows 3-D items to be produced. The great advantage of this unique mold is the substantial savings in costs and a very short development time. The core of this mold is that for a new product only the moldings and the ejectorpins have to be custom-made. This achieves a saving of up to 80% compared to conventional molds. To this date we have realized numerous productions with this technology.

Injection molded products appear in many markets. Examples of products we have supplied our customers with are:

  • Sensor housings
  • Personalized games (with 3-D logo)
  • Tokens for funfairs
  • Pawns and other accessories for a variety of board games
  • Learning aids for the visually impaired
  • Key hangers

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