After years of research VanDerEng has perfected the technique of printing on plastic labels and tags. With our current printing techniques we can serve you in many ways. If you would like information on please contact us.





As one of the few in the world VanDerEng is the art master to digitally print films up to several millimeters thickness. This provides us and our customers a head start in terms of speed, features and flexbility. In addition to these unique digital techniques, VanDerEng masters a broad range of different types of printing.

Types of printing

Another technique which is used by VanDerEng is Flexo printing. With this technique materials such as Tyvek are coloured intensively. In particular, our tokens are printed with other techniques. By making use of flatbed printers and hot foil techniques, we are creating more and more surprising and appealing tokens and labels.

By combining all of the techniques above and different materials, VanDerEng presents you the perfect label for your application.
Door de combinatie van alle bovenstaande technieken en de verschillende materialen, komt VanDerEng steeds weer tot het perfecte label voor uw toepassing.