For many of its products, VanDerEng uses high-quality plastic foils as its basic material. These plastics are generally manufactured especially for VanDerEng. Their special formula, together with just the right additives, allows us to provide a wide range of materials from which we are able to make labels suitable for any market.

The plastics we work with can be divided into four main types:

Polythene (PE) / High density Polyethylene HDPE (hard)

  • Duraflex is a HDPE with a smooth surface, which makes it well suited for thermal transfer printing. Duraflex is writeable with a stylus but not with pencil or pen. It is also available in a variety of colours. Thanks to their  intensity these colours are more stable than, for example, those available in Monotex or Tyvek, which are only tinted after production. Other features of Duraflex are its high degree of toughness, impact resistance, chemical stability and health safety.
  • Monotex is an HDPE with a special coating that gives this plastic a porous surface. This makes Monotex suitable for matrix printing and writeable with pencil, pen and marker. Due to the special coating Monotex labels are very suitable for thermal transfer printing.
  • Thermo PE has a heat-sensitive coating on one side. As a result, a carbon ribbon for thermal transfer printing is not necessary. Because of the time this saves, Thermo PE is widely used for labels in the meat industry. Its heat-sensitive surface does, however, make the label sensitive to moisture. Long-term exposure to light also adversely affects this layer.
  • Tyvek is produced by extruding PE through small holes and then rolling it into a layer. In this way it acquires a fibrous structure, making it look a bit like paper. It is this structure that makes Tyvek extremely durable under outdoor conditions. Our Tyvek also has a special thermal transfer coating that has permeable properties, making it suitable for matrix printing and writeable with pencil, pen and stylus. Tyvek is available in 11 colours: white, red, orange, yellow, green, mint, blue, purple, pink, grey, and brown.



Polystyrene is a hard, rigid plastic with a shiny surface. To improve its printing and writeability qualities, PS can also be supplied with a matte surface, known under the trade name Ceeflex. PS absorbs little or no moisture, it is odourless and it has no influence on taste, which makes this material very suitable for use in the food industry. Insert labels and break tokens are typical examples of PS products that clients order from us.