VanDerEng is extremely specialized in the field of the application of codes on tags and labels. The benefits speak for themselves; you can trace your products quickly and effectively in the chain. And in the event of a call-back of a production, this is possible with the proper traceability device. Effectiveness goes up and significant costs of failure will be avoided.

QRcode, Barcode, Datamatrix

Types of codes

The various codes which can be applied by VanDerEng include the standard barcodes, QR codes and Data Matrix codes. Both in ascending series, totally random, as according to your own specifications, codes can be applied to any label.


Often we act as general contractor in Track & Trace projects. Although we do not deliver all the components required in a T & T project itself, we do know all relevant suppliers. If VanDerEng directs the project, you are assured of one thing: you get what you drew. Through proper coordination between the necessary components (software, printers, labels, tags, labeling equipment, scanners,

readers, etc.), all of these elements will be aligned properly with each other. In addition, you will

experience the great advantage of one point of contact.