Insert labels

Insert Labels

The sturdiest label from our productrange. Insert labels are ideally suitable for horticulture, think of application with  flowerbulbs, propagation trays, cutting plants, et cetera. We offer several standard sizes and colours, but we can also produce your own specific custom dimension.



VanDerEng basically offers two versions: separate insert labels (strip insert labels). These have a reinforcement ‘cheek’ on both sides. And insert labels on rolls. The latter are ideal for a thermal transfer printer for you to print on-site with texts and/or images. It is also possible for us to provide your insert labels with a full colour digital print which  represents your identity distinctively.



Both variants were developed based on years of experience. Not only the lifespan of the label is of importance. Also the rigidity, important for the fast and accurate application of the label, has been perfected over the years. In addition to numerous standard sizes, we can produce this label in various sizes, thicknesses and colours.


Online design

For the real ‘creators’ amongst our clients, VanDerEng has founded the Steeketikettenfabriek.. In our webshop you can design and order simple short-run insert labels. Ideal for the small grower who wants to convey his umique corporate identity.

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