Injection molding

Injection Moulding products

Based on our objective of minimalizing our ecological footprint we started processing our die-cut waste to basic material for injection moulding applications a few years ago. Injection moulding means that heated liquid plastic is injected under high pressure into a mould or die. The result is a product in virtually every imaginable form.

Years of experience in extruding our strip stick labels has given us an advantage in terms of technology. Starting with the injection moulding of 29 mm tokens with relief, soon there was a lot of demand for shopping cart coins, both 50 eurocents (24.3 mm) and the 1 euro coin (23.2 mm). Usually with a full colour print.

Then things went fast. We now provide very detailed boardgame accessories for numerous suppliers of boardgames. But the industry has also found VanDerEng; coupling pieces, housings, caps for armrests or table legs, you name it…we make it.

Our success is mainly explained by a unique universal mould concept. Within this concept, only the construction of the moulded parts, combined with the ejectorset, is required per design. As a result, we can realize a cost saving of around 60% compared to the construction of a traditional mould.

This ensures an unprecedented low pricing competing with the Asian market. Combined with modern and fully automatic injection moulding machines, this means a very competing production capacity. The fact that we can build our moulds, completely independently, gives us flexibility and speed. In addition, our laser equipment enables us to apply very finely meshed designs in the mould plates. It is no coincidence that more and more European game producers outsource their assignments to us.

In addition, our capacity in collecting and packaging the various elements is also a plus.

For horticulture, clips, sticks, plug-in labels, plant pots and bottom pieces for the plugs are suitable articles that can also be produced with our universal mould concept.

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