One can not imagine today’s fast-growing festival and event industry without the use of tokens. Working with tokens makes the cashflow during events more organized, safer and accelerates the checkout at the bar. Tokens also significantly increase the sales for the organization. Using custom tokens, with your own artwork and identity, gives the exposure of the event an enormous boost and reduces the risk of fraud to a minimum.

Unique production

In the past decade, VanDerEng grew to become one of the largest producers of tokens in the Benelux. The unique part is that we keep the whole production process within our own factory. This principle that we hold onto, makes that we offer our customers incredible flexibility, competitive prices and service of the highest level.

In addition, we are the only ones that master the process of digital printing the tokens to perfection. This method is very suitable for production of small quantities of personalized tokens. But also shortens the production time for major festivals and events significantly.

The tokens

VanDerEng stood at the birth of the square breaking tokens in the Netherlands. The process of producing these coins with unprecedented speed is right up our street. These coins are particularly suitable as disposable tokens for one time use only. Due to the personalized nature of the tokens you will boost both your sales and the ‘feel’ of your event. The breaking tokens can be printed one-sided or two-sided and can be laminated with an extra layer of foil (coloured, metallic or holographic) for a more luxurious appearance.

Since 2014, the loose tokens have come into our assortment. These are produced by means of injection molding technique. As you may expect from us, this production is done entirely in our own factory. So again: speed, quality and flexibility for our customers. Our loose tokens are now available in many forms. Both embossed and with full-colour printing.

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