What are the opening hours of VanDerEng?

VanDerEng is open from Monday till Friday from 08:00 to 17:30.

Where is VanDerEng located?

VanDerEng’s visiting address is Lijnbaan 45, Heemskerk, not far inland from the North Sea coast between Alkmaar and Haarlem. See our contact page for further details.

What are VanDerEng’s terms and conditions of business?

Click here Click here to see our terms and conditions of business.


What materials are available

VanDerEng mainly processes the plastic materials HDPE, laser, PET, PS and Tyvek. More information can be found on our website under materials.


Where can i find your prices?

The standard prices can be found on our website under brochure. For custom products please let our commercial department prepare a quotation for you.


What are the delivery times?

For standard and custom products a standard delivery time of 10-15 days applies. Urgent deliveries are possible, but only after deliberation. In case of complex productions or new productions the delivery time may extend 15 days.

What are the minimum order quantity?

Within VanDerEng we use a minimum order quantity of 5000 pieces per type and per colour. If you need smaller numbers please refer to the online shops of VanDerEng, where you can order reduced quantities.

What labels do you hold in stock?

In principle VanDerEng holds no stock. Very occasionally, however, we do have small quantities of some of our standard products in stock.

What is a opment on roll?

Click here for more information about the different opments and how it is best applicable to you.

What are the delivery specifications for digital files?

We receive digital files preferably in .PDF or .EPS. When unavailable you can also send a .jpeg file. Note that the quality of the printing may be less sharp with a .jpeg.


Where can i request a quote?

The commercial department can refer to the published price lists or a specified quote.

How are orders taken?

Orders can be placed by telephone or by mail over the internet. All orders are confirmed in writing.

What is the processing time of quotation and / or order?
  • VanDerEng quotation requests are processed within 1 business day
  • Orders are confirmed within 2 working days.
What is the status of running order?

For the status of an existing order please contact our commercial department. Call 0031-88- 88 10 800 or mail to info@vandereng.nl

How can I give feedback about my order?

We really appreciate receiving feedback – positive and negative. Please get in touch with our sales department by telephone on  088-88 10 800 or mail at info@vandereng.nl