Loop lock labels

Loop lock labels

Especially because of the highly tear-resistable materials used by VanDerEng, such as Duraflex and Tyvek, these labels are extremely strong. Therefore they are applicable under the toughest conditions. Furthermore, it is ideally suitable for full colour printing and can be printed on site by yourself.



Loop lock labels can be ordered in various standard sizes and in different materials: Duraflex, Monotex and Tyvek. Outside our standard range we can produce virtually limitless custom sizes and shapes on request. So beside regulating the dimensions for you, VanDerEng can also alter the formulation of the material to suit your demand


Especially because of this versatility of the product, these labels are used in a wide number of sectors, such as: horticulture, logistics, food, industry, events, production companies, hotels, etc.

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