Print ribbons

Print ribbons

Thermal transfer carbon ribbons are used for printing bar codes, text, logos on various kinds of labels and tags from our materials Tyvek, Duraflex, Monotex, PET and PS.

For each material to be printed, VanDerEng delivers carbon ribbon of the right quality. The carbon ribbons which we sell are not only designed to ensure optimal performance, they are also continuously tested to ensure maximum print performance and a long service life of your printhead.


The different qualities we offer

Wax, Wax/Resin and Resin



Print Ribbons with a wax layer are an ideal and affordable solution to print labels with a relatively rough surface such as Tyvek, but are less suitable for printing on smooth surfaces such as Duraflex, Monotex, PET and PS materials. Wax ribbons are of a no smudge-resistant quality. This mean means that with this quality, the ink might be removed form the label by swiping it.


Ribbons with wax and resin ingredients are suitable for universal use; the resin protects the print from moisture and UV-radiation. In addition, the prints with wax / resin ribbon are smudge-resistant. These types of ribbons are widely used for printing on a smooth material such as plastic labels and labels made of Duraflex, Monotex, PET and PS. It also works fine on Tyvek.


Resin ribbons are used when there are high made when it comes to abrasion- and scratch resistance. These Thermal Transfer Ribbons are very suitable for outdoor use and in higher temperatures. Resin ribbons are ideal for use in extreme conditions due to their unique resistance to most solvents, such as alcohol, oil, grease, etc. Also, these carbon ribbons are extremely weatherproof (rain and UV radiation). With VanDerEng, all ribbons are available in various sizes and colors, so you are always assured of the most appropriate ribbon for your application!

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