Our company

Van Der Eng is a highly innovative and modern organization that still places high value on old-fashioned crafstmanship. We have more than a century of experience in developing and producing high quality tags and labels. Our products are used all over the globe for the identification of products, processes and persons in a wide variety of industries.

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Our history

In 1894, the Van der Eng family owned and ran a sawmill in the town of Uitgeest. Although the business originally produced general woodworking materials, it began to specialize more and more in making wooden labels for the fishing industry.

At that time, wooden labels were the most suitable ones available for use in wet and humid conditions.

Because VanDerEng was situated in the middle of a major flower-bulb producing area, soon these wooden labels were also being used by bulb growers. Gradually, its products found their way into a growing number of industries, including slaughterhouses, skin-salting companies, construction companies, and so on.

From the very beginning, VanDerEng has continuously optimized its production processes. Due to the specialized nature our products, most of our production machinery has been developed by us and manufactured in-house. Of course, since those early years there has been a great change in the materials we use. In the 60s VanDerEng made the switch to plastics as a raw material. Since then VanDerEng has developed into an international leader and even a trendsetter in the field of durable plastic labels.

Now and later

With over 100 years of expertise, we support numerous sectors in applying their productinformation. With our broad portfolio we are mainly active in horticulture, food industry, heavy industry and the leisure industry.

Thanks to the information technology, identification is playing an increasingly important role in determination of the characteristics of an object or process. VanDerEng is a leading internationally oriented manufacturer of non-adhesive media, contributing to the optimization of product, process and personal identification

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