Mission & Vision


It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but rather, that which is most adaptable to change. (Charles Darwin, 1859)

VanDerEng is the leading producer of information carriers for the identification of people, products and processes. In addition to the production of non-self-adhesive industrial labels and labels, VanDerEng supports process-optimization in horticulture, food industry, heavy industry and leisure industry.

In our context of continuous acceleration, it is almost impossible to determine a clear and future-proof mission. It is also not useful if we look at the pace at which technological developments are taking place. More importantly, we look to remain agile and fast from our niche position. To anticipate market developments from this strength. Innovation is therefore one of the most important spearheads. Looking back, but especially looking at the future, our right to exist will increasingly come from a continuous development of products and services from the Product-Market-Technology triangle.


We have an infectious passion for a good and solid product, which fits perfectly in the customer’s process. We have a great deal of curiosity to improve ourselves year after year. We are aware that we must deal carefully with our environment and would also like to do so. We embrace an inclusive human resources policy because we are convinced that diversity gives colour and inspiration to our organization.


From an inspiring work environment, we aim to create safety and encourage personal development. We enjoy intensive interaction with our customers. We have ultra-short lines, we quickly decide and actually distinguish ourselves through a solution-oriented approach. We are not the cheapest but the specialist in our submarkets for strong and custom-tailored made-to-measure plastic products. This allows us to realize an integral cost price that is absolutely thought-through and cheaper than anyone else. From a self-evident co-creation with our customers and suppliers, we continue to grow especially on the axis of our technological innovation.


We develop and produce heavy duty plastic products which are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers in terms of shape and material.


Core values

  • Innovation
  • Curiosity
  • Collaboration
  • Safety