In several segments, plastic labels are used to optimize the production process. The application of a barcode, a 2-D code or a logo with text, will contribute to the identification of products, processes and individuals. The labels we produce are both waterproof, tear-resistant and UV-resistant. These are available in Duraflex and Tyvek, which are very suitable for use in a food-safe environment.

Various applications

In addition to the standard labels we have in stock, custom labels in various designs can be manufactured. It is important to know for which application they are used. Labels for manual use, suitable for a direct thermal printer, thermal transfer printer, matrix printer or laser printer…for every application we offer a perfect solution.


In the horticulturalindustry, food industry and during various events, plastic labels are often used to carry information. In other industries, including the steel and concrete construction business, the printing industry and the logistics industry, our labels play an important role in the daily process.

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