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Customized program from VanDereng

Did you not find what you were looking for? We can help you find the perfect label or item you are looking for. How? We love the intensive interaction with our customers with the aim of creating and innovating together! Our agile way of

working (fast and flexible in plain Dutch) and our short lines of communication enable us to make quick decisions and really distinguish ourselves through a 100% solution-oriented approach.



Customized program from VanDereng

We help you find the right solution by following these four product development steps:


The process

VanDerEng has been active for more than 127 years and understands the business processes within the various sectors. We discuss the requirements of the desired product based on your business process. In this first step, our autonomous role also allows us to focus purely on the functional requirements of the product, but also on the environment in which the product must play a role.



VanDerEng can choose from various production options when producing your product. The choice of technology is often dictated by the requirements placed on the product. Of course, the volume also plays a determining factor.

Before the start of final production, a test production is often started to check whether the product actually meets all requirements. This includes stiffness, UV resistance, printability, impact resistance, tear resistance, moisture resistance, color fastness, dimensions, etc.



Many of our productions aim to identify products. VanDerEng helps you find the best application solution to identify your products. Together we determine the perfect label shape, material and specific features, precisely tailored to help you meet your challenge: optimizing your efficiency, reducing your costs, adapting to new legislation, or a combination of these factors.

If it concerns an injection molded product, the same applies in fact; what is the most efficient production method for the desired quantities; Does the product comply with all laws or regulations, and how can we keep the TCO as low as possible?



Together with you, we test and implement all of the above very efficiently within your organization. VanDerEng does not require complicated procedures. Short lines and honest advice ensure that the customer can always contact VanDerEng in a professional manner.

We continue to grow – together – from a natural co-creation with our customers.

Of course we realize that our customers choose us because we deliver a good and affordable product. But we increasingly notice that our inclusive personnel policy, our sustainability objectives and our continuous innovation are distinctive assets in a close relationship with our customers.

Customers give us an average of 8.5

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