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About us

Welcome to the about us page VanDerEng BV where you will find all information about our organization.

Why VanDerEng?

At VanDerEng we strive for perfection in every label. Quality is our asset. We are extremely flexible and offer customization in various areas, from material thickness to printing and shape. Our team has in-depth knowledge in various market segments such as horticulture, industry and events. We understand the product identification needs of every organization. Sustainability is a core value in our production, from zero waste practices to the use of sustainable energy sources in our factory in Heemskerk.

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Our Power

Our focus on your process makes the difference. We go beyond just the product and strive to optimize your processes. We restructure if necessary and advise on the best identification solutions. Our logistics ensure tight delivery times, with a guarantee of 10-15 working days for blank and printed labels. Our dedicated employees, involved in every step of the production process, strive for innovation and quality, from technical development to quality control.

We work for different industries

VanDerEng BV is active in various sectors, such as horticulture, industry, food industry, steel and concrete construction, retail, events, catering and sports. We supply various label and printing solutions within these industries. If your industry is not listed, please feel free to contact us and we will help you further.


Welcome to VanDerEng BV where we supply high-quality labels and tags to various sectors. Our dedication to technology and innovation enables us to optimally serve and support customers in different industries, through the various technologies we have in-house. Discover how we add value through the following techniques: Die-cutting, Printing, Injection moulding, Recycling, Tool making, Coding, Track & Trace, RFID.


VanDerEng BV is active in various sectors, each with their own unique needs. We understand the importance of materials that perfectly meet these needs. We have specially tailored these materials to the different industries to ensure optimal integration into your processes.

Our materials


It may happen that you do not find exactly what you are looking for. At VanDerEng we would like to help you find the perfect label or item. How? By working closely with you, creating and innovating! Our fast and flexible approach, combined with direct communication, enables us to act quickly and distinguish ourselves with a completely solution-oriented approach.


VanDerEng BV shows its sustainable commitment on several fronts: from zero waste initiatives with recycling equipment to the use of Greencore, a material made from 85% recycled material and new HDPE. Research into bio-materials with Wageningen University and reducing the footprint with 18% through the use of local suppliers and reuse of residual flows illustrate the continuous pursuit of sustainability within the company.

Latest news

Keep up to date with developments

Nowadays the newspapers are full of inclusivity, positive discrimination, discrimination, distance to the labor market, LGBTQIA+, etc., but how does VanDerEng deal with this?
Discover how traditional event coins are competing against the rise of Near Field Communication (NFC) and why physical coins still play a valuable role in the market despite the digital revolution.
More than 10 years ago, the first reports emerged in Brussels about withholding taxes as a means to stop the ever-growing mountain of plastic waste.
Greencore Labels: The New Standard. Recycled material, low CO² footprint, excellent printing properties and a characteristic sustainable appearance.
Read the entire interview with Jos de Vries and Jeffrey Daalhuizen from VanDerEng about recycling and the production of coins and wristbands in the October issue of EB Live here.


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Come work at the most innovative die-cutting company and printing company in Heemskerk, North Holland.



Every day we punch and print the most beautiful labels and tags for our loyal customers in Horticulture, Food, Industry and Retail. Are you more inspired by Sports and Events? We also produce the coolest Consumer Tokens, Wristbands and Starting Numbers for them. In other words, a dynamic company with a wide range techniques, products, customers and colleagues 😉



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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that there are always questions about our products, techniques, options, customization and delivery times. That is why we have listed the most frequently asked questions

Terms and Conditions

Here you will find the general terms and conditions of VanDerEng BV

Customers give us an average of 8.5

Mr. van Maaren (Dümmen Orange)

“Pleasant communication with the commercial department and with the various carriers for international transport.”

Mrs. Hoogenraad (Hoogenraad Nurseries)

“Excellent customer service. Genuine interest in our organization. Sustainable Greencore labels that match our objectives.”

Mrs. Van Ree (Kunsthal Rotterdam)

“Good quality wristbands. If something goes wrong, they will solve the problem as soon as possible!”

Mrs. Tillemans (Syngenta Seeds)

“Very nice collaboration with VanDerEng. They deliver on time, quality is always good and communication is pleasant.”

Mr. Van Avendonk (Vitelco BV)

“Pleasant contact and good thinking along with the organization and looking beyond the product.”

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