Even before the concept of CSR made its entry, VanDerEng was actively involved. We carefully outline our strategy within by taking our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment into account.


To be sensible with the environment is a challenge for a plastic processing company. We have already built up the necessary experience with biodegradable products. It is a matter of time and market forces, but we are convinced that by 2020 we will be able to process all our materials without waste. Zero Waste!

Our Eco options are interesting for the event market. Festival tokens, originated from our Cradle to Cradle concept: from our traditional die-cut productions, we cut out approximately 15% to 20% of the material. By bringing together all the residual materials. grinding and then injection moulding creates a 100% recycled product. Through this Eco-token we have found a beautiful application for the die-cut ‘waste’. Therefore, we can not only guarantee that the Eco token is produced from 100% recycled material, but also recollect these tokens -if made by us – after use. After washing, drying and grinding, we can prevent this material from having to be incinerated and we reduce our footprint. In this way we contribute to a more sustainable climate.

From 2018 we will produce a large part of our films in-house. Not only can we then guarantee a constant quality, we can also process virtually all die-cutting waste in the new films, without compromising on quality. An additional advantage is that we can process smart anti-fraud solutions in our films.


VanDerEng was nominated for the IJmond Social Award in 2015. This is because of the way in which we deal with employees with a disability for a long time. Our philosophy is we all have one or more limitations. Most of us can mask this well, others less. VanDerEng gives everyone an equal chance.

The fact that we have been doing this for years, continuously innovating and at the same time achieving absolutely healthy operating results, was the reason for this nomination. Therefore we cherish our core


VanDerEng is a healthy, commercial company and we are certainly not afraid of a healthy operating result. Of course we never are never fully satisfied, but the fact that we have been able to expand, innovate and optimize our production equipment through all the crisis years gives us the confirmation that we may not be able to go for the main prize, but certainly, together with our core values ​​mentioned above, top of the market.