Normpack® Licence for vandereng

Normpack® Licence for vandereng

What is Normpack?

Normpack® is the hallmark for plant packaging and washable stickers. The quality mark has been developed for environmental control, quality assurance and logistical efficiency. Before the arrival of the Normpack® quality mark, there was sub-optimization, which led to various problems. Problems such as contamination of the waste streams, product damage due to weak trays and awkward dimensions for making mix carts. Because these topics have been tackled in a broad sector, a standard has emerged. The Normpack® quality mark is “the standard” for one-off plant trays.


Normpack stickers are stickers that are washable. That is precisely why only these stickers are allowed on the reusable flowers and plant casks. By using Normpack stickers the flower buckets can be cleaned properly and everyone can use clean buckets. As of December 14, 2019, all plants must have a plant passport. The plant passport must be physically affixed per smallest sales unit and can take several forms (including fixing / printing on pots, covers, labels, labels, etc.). When using stickers on reusable packaging, only Normpack® stickers are permitted. These stickers have a water-soluble adhesive layer and a water-permeable top layer. This makes them easy to wash in the container washing machines and causes no malfunctions.


Around 180 million trays are produced annually. Normpack trays are sustainable and recyclable. The trays are “Designed for Recycling”. The trays are only made of polystyrene material, which makes recycling possible. The trays are collected on a large scale after use. The material is then used again as a raw material for new trays.


From now on VanDerEng is listed as a supplier on the Normpack website. We have a Normpack® license that is needed to be able to deliver stickers for the plant passport. Do you want to know more? Then contact your account manager or the VanDerEng Commercial Office: +31 (0)88 881 0800 /

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