Horticulture traditionally is the largest market of VanDerEng. For many year, we may call ourselves, a global leading producer. You can find VanDerEng’s labels at international seed breeders, nurseries, garden centers and growers.

Seed selection and breeding

The variety of labels is huge with our clients in the seed selection business. Whether it is the development of plants, vegetables or flowers. Both for the selection of seeds as for breeders it is key to know which plant is located where, the origin of the plant, which supplements have been added and so forth. Within the entire process indoors or outdoors, information must be retrievable clearly and quickly. And even more so, that the correct information is at the correct plant. Because actions and conditions vary within the overall process, these operations often require a custom label or application. In collaberation with plant breeders and seed selection companies in the course of the years, VanDerEng has developed a variety of special models. The largest and most prominent breeders and seed selection companies in the Netherlands have chosen VanDerEng as their supplier for the know-how we possess.


Plant information, care tips, product images, price. This is information which is of importance for a customer. This information can be applied to a label or plug which is attached to the product. An image label adds appearance to your product and has proven to increase sales. In particular, the strong and durable insert labels and slot labels of VanDerEng are the standard within this segment. In addition, we developed a concept for growers with a wide range of products where there can print their own (last minute) labels using a laser printer. This technology is often used for printing shelf cards.


Propagators and young plant breeders

For many breeders and young plant growers, it is important to know where which plant or plant part is placed within the nursery. In addition to the position in the nursery, also the type, the colour of the flower and the origin of the plant is important. A correct label is therefor essential. This branch of horticulture has strongly professionalized during the last years. Not only systems, but also many actions have became or will bemore and more automated and mechanized. Especially
because of this, a constant quality of labels is very important to preven failure and / or disruption of the production process. Reputable breeders and young plant breeders from all over Europe, therefore choose the stable quality and years of experience of VanDerEng Labels. In close collaboration with breeders and young plant breeders, VanDerEng has developed an extensive standard range over the years. But of course we still develop additional custom labels to demand every day!


Insert Labels

User-friendly labels with the correct stiffness and UV-resistance to apply during your process. We can provide these labels unprinted, printed in a single color, printed in several colours, or even printed in full colour.

Loop lock labels

Absolutely essential for tree nurseries, and widely used in logistics and industrial applications. VanDerEng delivers loop lock labels to meet your exact specifications in terms of materials, dimensions and printing specifications


As a specialist in die-cutting of plastic materials, we are eager to take up any challenge in the production of labels. Looking for a special label for your application? VanDerEng can deliver it for you!


Wristbands for festivals and similar events, access control, age verification and many other applications. Available in either Tyvek or vinyl, printed in a single colour or full colour, our wristbands will help set the right tone for your event.