The event sector is the most recent market of VanDerEng. Due to our fully automated production process, but always with the highest human quality, VanDerEng delivers the highest quality wristbands and tokens much faster than anyone else. That is why we have become one of the main producers in a matter of a couple of years.


It started with a unique concept Polsbandjesfabriek (Wristbandfactory). With our manufacturing capabilities we produce wristbands with full colour custom design the same day. Without starting or setup costs. This concept was implemented to all sorts of tokens and running bibs. As we are the only company to manufacture every product in our own factory, and our unique digital printing techniques, makes VanDerEng the fastest, most reliable and most flexible producer.


As you can order relatively small numbers inexpensively yet easily with custom design, our webshops are right address for smaller events and catering. Over the years, more and more big events became our customer as well. By providing the products faster and more flexible than usual, with the highest quality and personalized service, VanDerEng is supplier of many festivals, venues, football stadiums, beach clubs, et cetera.



Wristbands for festivals and similar events, access control, age verification and many other applications. Available in either Tyvek or vinyl, printed in a single colour or full colour, our wristbands will help set the right tone for your event.


With the greatest care and service we produce tokens for your event. No matter if you prefer disposable square breaktokens or round molded tokens, we are happy to be of service.