VanDerEng: a tailor-made supplier

VanDerEng is known as a specialized tailor-made supplier of insert labels, loop lock labels and tags. Besides we offer professional Thermal Transfer printers, software and print ribbons.

Complete product identification portfolio

Next to the above mentioned products we have also been a supplier of self-adhesive materials for many years. In all fairness more as a service to our customers rather than anything else .

However, more and more we have been requested to offer a complete portfolio of label, tags, printers and print ribbons. This means that in fact we can provide our customers with a complete range of product identification products. A cooperation we gladly take on because for most of our customers it means that all their labels and tags are being designed to ensure the best functional performance, both material- and size-wise.  This development has triggered an increasing demand for self-adhesive materials.

For this reason ánd for the fact that we can produce these products in-house, we have decided to include the self-adhesive labels in our product portfolio as a full component.

Product range and advise

We have started off with a product range base of stock products: 100x100mm, 100x50mm and 100x150mm. The material is a Vellum with permanent gluing (paper top layer, ideal for logistics label applications). Naturally we can also supply tailor-made labels, expeditiously and attractively priced.  Depending on you production process and product applications, we can advise you in terms of material selection.  You may think of PE or PP (plastic top layer, moisture resistant).

More information

For more information about VanDerEng’s self-adhesive materials, please feel free to contact our Sales Manager Sander van der Zeijden: +31 (0) 617 338 872 / or VanDerEng’s Inside Sales department: +31 (0)88 881 0800 /