Labels are the basis of a strong identification. This is further enhanced when these are provided with a barcode or two-dimensional code. These codes can be pre-printed by VanDerEng, but also by the client in their process. At VanDerEng you are at the right place for the suitable software and advice to print your own labels.


VanDerEng supplies Seagull BarTender label formatting software. BarTender is the leading Windows software program for the formatting and printing of bar codes, 2D codes, text and logos. This software for designing labels with one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes includes advanced features for standard labels and integration with other software within your company. BarTender is so very user friendly, you will be designing your own labels and codes within minutes.

For the possibilities of Bartender in combination with our labels for your business, contact VanDerEng.

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