Food industry


VanDerEng specializes in the development and production of food-safe labels on which the usual information, such as bar codes, production dates and product descriptions, can be printed. We are also able to supply labels made from a wide variety of materials. Because of this, we can produce labels that are, for example, resistant to the high temperatures to which they are exposed in the meat-production supply chain.


The materials from which VanDerEng produces labels for food industry, and in particular the meat producing industry, are Tyvek, Duraflex, Monotex and laser sheets. Our experienced staff would be happy to advise you about which of these material best suits your production processes.

VanDerEng can of course supply full colour labels with durable, scratch-resistant print. These can also be printed by thermal transfer on location.

Track and Trace

We are also able to provide food-safe labels with a barcode or other two-dimensional coding. Over the years VanDerEng has acquired extensive knowledge about tracking & tracing. The benefits speak for themselves: you can trace your products quickly and effectively throughout the chain (internal and external), and, should it be necessary for a shipment to be recalled, with the correct traceability this is an easy matter: you can act very quickly, saving you.