Only a few weeks to world clean-up day

Only a few weeks to world clean-up day

World Clean-Up Day

Saturday, September 21 is the day: World Clean-Up Day. Just like last year organized by the Plastic Soup Foundation. During this largest global clean-up campaign of the year, in more than 160 countries, the planet will be given a major clean-up. And of course The Netherlands is taking part!


VanDerEng has been active with sustainability for years. Not only in terms of personnel, but certainly also in the handling and application of plastics. Our goal? We are continuously working on the environment at the following four levels:

Zero Waste

A few years ago we invested heavily in recycling equipment in order to convert the residual flow from the die cutting into raw material for injection moulding. This allows us to use around 30% of our residual flow for new products. We can already use the remaining 70% this year by including it again in the production of new films for our stamping products (labels and tags).

Recyclate use

We mix part of our residual flow, mainly small amounts of rejection, into a colourful composition of materials that we use for the production of Eco products. The Eco coins and the Eco plate label are good examples. In addition to these already existing products, we also expect to be able to offer an eco-material in different thicknesses in the coming months, which is composed of recycled materials for 85%.

Bio materials

VanDerEng is working with Wageningen University & Research to develop a material made up of edible raw materials. The aim is to develop a raw material from which we can initially injection mould products with sufficient dimensional stability, moisture resistance and rigidity. This material will be fully absorbed into nature after six months without industrial composting under the influence of light, moisture and oxygen! The product may of course be added to the GFT waste after use.

Footprint reduction

Through driving the above steps, but also by finding local suppliers, using our residual flow and producing recycled materials, VanDerEng can reduce its footprint by 18%!

Promotion: free recycling!

On the occasion of the World Clean-Up Day, we offer the first 25 customers to have their used labels collected by us free of charge. We then ensure that these labels are recycled and re-processed into a product. This promotion runs until September 30, 2019.

More information?

Do you want to participate or do you want to know more? Then contact either your account manager or the VanDerEng Commercial Office at +31 (0)88 881 0800 /